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How to install Printer on HP Computer?

HP resolution center comes pre-configured with each HP printer software system, whether or not you're downloading from CD or the official web site.

Once you transfer the software system, you'll realize the icon of the software system on your desktop.

Search the window of your printer for the answer center. However if the software system is missing:

Download the total set of matching drivers for your software system.

If your printer has the version previous than that of 2011, it won’t support HP printer Support for versions discharged between 2010and 2011, the HP printer assistant works same as HP resolution Center.

To transfer the HP resolution Center?

There is no straight link that may allow you to transfer the HP resolution center. So, you would like to put in the total feature HP software system to transfer the HP resolution center.

Follow the steps given below:

Turn on your printer.

Disconnect your pc from the printer by unplugging the USB cable.

Open the https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers and install the proper set of drivers

Click Printer on the let’s determine your product to induce started

Enter the model range of your printer and click on Submit

You can modification the default software package by clicking on modification and choose the version and so click modification

Under the driver’s section click transfer

Make sure you're exploitation Typical or suggested style of installation.

I can’t realize the answer when upgrading the Windows

There square measure varied problems occur with the answer after you upgrade your software system, here is that the list of issues and its solution:


“HP resolution center can’t run” or “Scan North American nation busy or in use” with the printer connected to the network


Remove or uninstall the HP printer software system

Replace the drivers with the newest HP printer web site


Run the HP Print and Scan doctor to troubleshoot

Make sure you alter the network sort to “Private”

handmade for your home

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If you're facing any drawback along with your HP resolution center.

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Click Printer on the let’s determine your product to induce startedEnter the model range of your printer and click on Submit

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